The Upcycled Process

Colourful statement earrings handmade by The Groggy Owl using upcycled plastic!


Upcycled Plastic:

The plastic featured on my upcycled pieces is from non-reusable plastic containers I cut, heat and dye to create mini, abstract works of art. Each piece by The Groggy Owl made from upcycled plastic is truly one of a kind! Due to the nature of the upcycling process you won’t find two pieces the same. Also, you get the benefit of big, bold pieces without the heaviness since the plastic is so lightweight.

Upcycled Copper:

All of my upcycled copper pieces are made using copper from scrap electrical wiring. I strip scrap electrical copper wiring that I then polish, hammer and shape to create unique bangles, for example. I like to incorporate scrap copper washers or even hammered pennies into these designs.

Upcycled Fabric:

I use fabric from old clothing, that I cut and stretch into fabric or “t-shirt” thread. I then use this handmade “t-shirt” thread to weave, braid, or crochet to create new pieces.

“Re-Claimed” Materials:

I sometimes make pieces solely out of findings and materials from old, broken jewellery to create unique, brand new pieces. I love creating something new out of something that would otherwise be thrown away. Any pieces using “re-claimed” materials are clearly labelled in the product title and description.

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